Who is hunter hayes dating wdw

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The rush of the crowd, the symbiotic exchange between artist and fan, the evanescent intimacy – none of that can be orchestrated or faked.“I think a show day is when I kind of get to live in the moment and, you know, for those few hours, I get to experience something that could never be planned or prepared,” he says.

“You know, you go through rehearsals, sound checks, but what happens onstage during the show is just spirit – it’s just what happens.

Wednesday night is Hayes’ one “break” in the nationwide sprint and he’ll spend it under the stage lights of the AT&T CMA Awards Red Carpet.“It’s super cool this year – everybody kind of geared up for the show,” the 24-year-old says. ” star Jana Kramer during the red carpet pre-show, which precedes the 49th annual CMA Awards.

I am so EXCITED to announce that I am the newest artist signed to Warner Music Nashville!

Check out the article below by The Tennessean to read all about it!

Meanwhile according to the video, this dude is randomly doing shots of Crown Royal so ridiculously payola placed in the video it’s insulting to the intelligence, and playing solitaire so he can keep his mind off missing his sweetheart. Or I don’t know, how about spending your alone time putting a little more heart into the inane scribbles that became the lyrics to this vomitous song.

The whole “I be” this and “I be” that, and of course you have to mention a club and a DJ in the song, because this is a requirement for all of these Metro-Bro songs.

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