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Le roi des cafés ultra-corsés, très imposant en arôme et corps. Very rich, full body, an imposing extra-dark roast.

Provenance : Assemblage de cafés du Nicaragua, de la Bolivie, du Guatemala et du Pérou.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR FLYPAD SETTINGS The new Parrot Flypad allows you to pilot your Minidrone with extra-precision and control.

There are two ways to connect the controller to the Minidrone: - Automatically and directly, without the use of a smartphone.

PHOTOSAll Parrot Minidrones can take dronies of you and your friends.

You can also store images from your drone races taken by Parrot Swing in plane mode.

Free Flight Mini app also includes fun features like one-touch flip:- Experience loops, barrel rolls, and high speed 180-degree turns with Parrot Swing- Front/back/side flips with Parrot Mambo, Airborne Minidrones, Rolling Spider and Hydrofoil**Only when it’s removed from the Hydrofoil structure and in flight mode Parrot Minidrones are ultra-compact drones with impressive agility.

They can fly both indoors and outdoors with great speed and stability.

Start with the Easy mode, which will keep your drone’s position in the air even after the controls have been released. This mode deactivates the horizontal stabilization, thus allowing for sharps turns and more complex maneuvers.INTUITIVE PILOTING Free Flight Mini’s easy-to-use interface makes piloting simple, even for beginner pilots.The app connects to your Minidrone via Bluetooth Low Energy or Wi-Fi.Volume discounts will be applied as you fill your cart.Regular coffees and decaf coffees can be combined in the total. for decaf coffee = .00 Total due: ,00 Our special bag (if sealed) keeps the coffee fresh for 5 months, whole bean or ground. An average use of coffee would be 250g per person per week for a filter coffee machine. All of our coffees are certified organic with Ecocert and Fair Trade Certified with the Small producers’ Symbol.

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