Updating excel data with dsn less connection vba

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I would like the end user to enter their user ID and password just once.I created a form for the users to enter their log-in credentials.Then Access just connects to SQL as normal - and SQL gets the data from Oracle. Although the response I received regarding DSN-less connections is worthy of a second look (for a more overarching/long term database connection solution), my real need is to simply automate the ODBC connection process using the existing DSNs.

Because of connection string and initialization file grammar, keywords and attribute values should be avoided that contain the characters [](),;? Because of the grammar of the system information, keywords and data source names cannot contain the backslash (\) character.

Anyone know how to get DSN-Less connections to be read/write? "public.table1"- I haven't worked with Postgre SQL, but my guess is that you may not have Update permissions with the Postgre SQL environment. and run my program it works just fine, if I open the table through DAO code does not work. Here is the associated SQL to define a pk, but once you open the table readonly, you won't be able to modify the table design.

Sub create Linked Table_Postgre SQL(Postgre SQL_table Name As String) Dim cdb As DAO. Your Postgre SQL account would have associated privileges- probably set by your Postgre SQL administrator. Indexes DAO There is a Primary Key on the table residing in Postgre SQL, right?

The DSNs are using the following driver: Oracle in Ora Client11g_home1, SQORA32. The database contains a query that pulls data from four different tables, from four different databases.

The query works fine aside from the fact that the user is prompted to log-in four (4) times, once for each DSN/database.

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