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Like the latter, though, it took some time for the personal ad to be accepted by the Mom-and-Pop public."In Britain, the personal column was suspected (much like the Internet is now) of harboring all sorts of scams, perversities and dangerous individuals.From shameful to bohemian and cool It only took a few decades after the invention of the modern newspaper in 1690 for the new medium to become a way for people to meet in Britain.Matrimonial agencies were big business there by the early 18th century, printing ads on behalf of men who paid the agency to recruit them a good wife."At that time advertising for pals or for lonely soldiers was fashionable and contemporary — something done by those who were, as they put it in their ads, 'bohemian and unconventional,'" Cocks said.Personals died away again until the 1960s, when ads became part of the growing counterculture in the UK, along with drug experimentation and the Beatles, the author explains.

"Short self-descriptions aren't only the preserve of Internet daters, they are also the essence of things like Facebook and other social networking sites," said Cocks.

Also known as the “carpet shark” because of its bold markings, the marine predator may appear to be scary — its boldly patterned hide allows it to stealthily lurk among its predators, and at four feet long, it’s hardly inconspicuous — but beneath its imposing exterior, the shark is generally kind of tame. Most of the time, Orectolobus maculatus can be found chilling on the sea floor in the shallow waters of the eastern Indian Ocean, around Australia, and in the seas of Southeast Asia.

They’re not considered dangerous to humans, preferring to hang out among the rocks and sneak up on smaller, weaker fish.

“The bite can cause severe lacerations, and the spotted wobbegong is known to clamp down on its victim without letting go,” according to the ocean life resource Marine

Like Drake, wobbegongs don’t easily let go of a grudge (can anyone find Meek Mill?

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