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This year, for the first time, Onda is holding The Onda Dance Meeting within Focus Dance, so that as many programmers as possible from all countries can meet for this forum around French and international productions.A warm-up – a speed-dating session and brunch – will let French and international programmers connect.UVA faculty will accompany student participants, making this an ideal experience for students who have not yet traveled to France or who are still learning French.For those students who are seasoned travelers and have more well-developed language skills, this program also offers opportunities for advanced study and time for independent travel.With: François Chaignaud, Cecilia Bengolea and Cristiana Morganti.The same day, the steering committee of Système D(anse) will present this new gathering of professionals from the choreographic scene and its stakes.Independent travel to Paris, a mere 2-hr TGV trip from Lyon, is encouraged either over a long weekend or upon completion of the course.Second Year Foreign Language Requirement We offer students the possibility of taking FREN 2010-2020 during a special 6-week session that will count toward fulfillment of the UVA foreign language requirement. Housing for students on the 6-week program will be in doubles.

The exhibition spans six themes, which outline the main evolutions of the body in contemporary dance and in society.Courses taught by UVA faculty and instructors from the Université Lyon II and Sciences Po Lyon will offer students broad and in-depth analyses of France's role in an expanding Europe, contemporary French society and culture, and the historic treasures of Lyon itself.Students will explore the challenges facing the French today as they strive to maintain - and redefine - a cultural identity forged by history while simultaneously becoming full citizens of Europe.Four choreographers making news on the French scene will gather in the afternoon of 22 September on stage at the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération - Les Ateliers.These Talks, specially devised for Focus - attending programmers and hosted by Annie Bozzini, a discerning observer of the French and international choreography scenes, will provide a words-andfootage introduction to the choreographer, their artistic worlds and creative projects. With: Amala Dianor, Latifa Laâbissi, Ali Moini, Mélanie Perrier An Antoine Defoort, Mathilde Maillard and Sébastien Vial’s project. If we put them in a large room where they had never been, and if this large room was wholly unlike their natural habitat, where they have their bearings and habits, with no sky or westerly wind, no lake or grassland…

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