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I’m all for staying genuine friends with exes, but if you tend to harbour feelings for them and have been slipping them a piece, it’s time to cut ties as you’re unavailable for an available relationship. You’re not really friends when you’re practically stalking them. Texting and calling all the time, even when they don’t respond? It may be a good time to spend some time with a professional, especially if you feel like you ‘can’t’ stop and it’s impacting greatly on your life. If you’re maintaining a ‘friendship’ with a view to keeping them as a rainy day option or out of fear that your old ‘investment’ may be snapped up by someone else, you’re like a dog in a manger; you don’t want them but you don’t want anyone else to have them either.

Checking their Facebook profile as soon as you wake and trawling their mutual friends? It’s also like keeping guard so that you can say “Oh thank goodness! ” This is not friendship and the worst thing is, if you’ve ever been with Mr or Miss Unavailable, you hate being on the receiving end of this. It’s impossible to let go and grieve the loss of the relationship, if you’re still holding out hope.

A ‘friendship’ to stem the loss, will delay the inevitable and possibly make it worse.

Accept that it’s over first before you go down the friendship route. Friendship is more than a word – it’s a sum of consistent and repeated actions.

While it is no great revelation that 79% of reunion website users are seeking to find long-lost friends, it is surprising that a significant 55% are interested in finding an Old Flame. Nostalgia and curiosity seem to be the driving forces that motivate people to try to contact former lovers; and the primary aim is to find out what has happened to them over the years.

Rather than rekindle a relationship, the majority (64%) would just like to contact their Old Flames via email to update them on their news.

When you’re inclined to make judgements about yourself off the back of Other People’s Behaviour, hanging onto the dodgiest of friendships after a breakup is a way of feeling less rejected – stop seeking a rejection retraction.

Even when you’re in a relationship, you should always be a best friend to you that you can rely on – it’ll prevent you from selling yourself short. Whether it's figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you.However one in six actually wants to meet up and 7% are keen to try and rekindle the flames of passion with a former boyfriend or girlfriend.The survey concludes with the fact that 75% of respondents believe that the usage of reunion sites has no effect at all on their existing relationship.A shoemaker real-life example: this company is full of best-practices, but misses out on applying them to themselves, or try so hard that it becomes extra complicated.A business model that is bound to disappear: advisory licenses is not a sustainable model in a world where people work in an increasingly interconnected manner, throughout the globe.

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