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If that’s not obvious from the white house lawn full of easter eggs strewn across our episodes…

I don’t know what else to tell you AM � Konteksten: afholder sÃ¥kaldte “viewing parties” i vores chatrum hver weekend.

we try to write the shit out of our show and hope we make ourselves undeniably present and accounted for. AM � I believe this question has been discussed a million times but : Do we have an idea (explanation) why there has been gossip around the renewal of “chuck”, the renewal of “dollhouse” for some weeks now. AM � first: for budget reasons, we had to cut a lot of cromartie’s attack on the police station.Please note: What you see here is the log from the chatroom, and as such has been heavily edited, but the actual comments made by all members have been reproduced verbatim. PM – PM – Chatroom members watch No matter what happens I want to say thanks to both of you guys for such a great series.I have never fought this hard for a show before and it is cause of the greatness you guys have written along with everyone else who writes for the show.I was on strike so I couldn’t argue for it but james Middleton stuck his foot in the ground and made sure it happend.AM – All I remember about right before the strike was we were in the middle of Vick’s Chip, Josh gave that speech, I shook Miller Tobins’ hand and took a picture of my office then, you know, left.

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