Online dating for people under 18

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,” I’m gonna argue that pretty much no one dating online is an adult, regardless of their age.Users Info Must be Used in a Lawful and RESPONSIBLE Manner: Is it “responsible” to use the information in a woman’s profile to cyberstalk her on Facebook to find out if she only takes pictures with her dog because he’s her best friend, or because she’s blind and it’s her seeing eye dog? Users Agree to Create Only One Unique Profile: I don’t even use Ok Cupid for dating anymore and even I have like four active profiles.

In addition, judging by the picture he somehow managed to include in the email, the word “big” was more than a little inaccurate as well. There’s no way to successfully internet date without sending unsolicited mass mailings. You Will Not “Stalk” or Otherwise Harass Any Person: Crap.

Unless “Thanks for writing me non-stop for two weeks then disappearing into thin air, you total freak show!

” is a both civil and respectful in a way I don’t realize.

You Agree that You Shall Not Under any Circumstances Harass or Make Mischief Against Any Other User of the Website. Let me know now, so I can start saving up my bail money.

I’m emailing someone I’ve never met or even seen with my own eyes in the hopes that they will let me kiss their mouths, do sex to their body, and if all goes well, get married. So that’s enough for life sentences for most of us, but just in case you’re a double dipper, here’s a few of Match’s rules and regulations that could get you in trouble.

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