Letter for updating w9

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Open a ticket with University Financial Helpline at 612-624-1617 indicating the supplier name, supplier number and the new pay lag terms requested.

The employer will report the information provided to the IRS and subsequently determine how much federal tax to withhold from an employee's wages or salary.

If the requested terms are not favorable to the University, the request may require Purchasing approval.

Indicate on the VAF the address sequence and location that the new dispatch method relates to in the description of service section of the VAF.

The W-9 form serves a similar purpose for freelancers and independent contractors, although taxes are not withheld. Certain entities are required to file the data on W-9 forms with the federal tax agency.

Should the name and taxpayer identification number not match the record the IRS has on file, the requester will be notified and the account holder will need to complete a new W-9 or modify the one on file. Citizen mistakenly submits the wrong Social Security number on a W-9 form to her broker.

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