Karina and dating

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They than play a romantic game of jenga asking each other random questions written on the bottom of each block.

Yet again, the show hits a very serious note and Molly brings up that she used to have a serious drinking problem.

However, Zac doesn't actually care and gives her a rose for her honesty."That black-haired girl is going to lose her mind," says flatmate Jono.

In fact Rosie almost did lose her mind, holding it together only just, at the news Karina received a rose.

And given the reaction this revelation prompted, she might as well have admitted that she killed and bathed in the blood of bunnies before their dates to boot. Personally, I've always found guys my age screamingly dull. The art of "oh let's just be friends with benefits but if you screw other men I'll flip my shit and passive-aggressively text you" is for men in their 20s.

Babe it has everything to do with Zac because bros don't date other bro's exes.

But in her defense she hasn't been around long enough to witness the greatest bromance to ever grace the earth.

The cocktail party is now underway and it is just the same old situation.

Viarni splashes Zac and sets off a big water fight that is probably riddled with e coli and water-borne diseases.

Karina changed her mind and decided she does love white water rafting maybe just in time to get one-on-one time with Zac. Viarni won not only single time but a kiss and a rose.'The Mol' FINALLY gets her single date and it is the incredibly romantic date of rice planting."I appreciate rice but I don't eat it," says Molly.

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