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He's trying to understate his interest in soccer, probably because he's afraid some girls won't like it.

It doesn't exactly give you the impression that he's a confident, attractive guy.

I have a great family that gives me lots of support.

What I'm looking for I don't really have an answer, but I do like girls who are livelly and active.

Our review of advandate is that they have always helped us when we ask questions. We are based in Mexico and only have skype available to call the states.

Darren at advandate did them for free and in just a few minutes. The customer service is OUTSTANDING and the response time to any modifications that you want done to your site gets done in a matter of hours, even on the weekends!

I also put in a a few hours in the gym every week, and I play soccer.

How often do you really hear the word "passionate" preceded by the words "kind of"?

But take a look at this sentence: "What I'm looking for: I don't really have an answer".

Then he goes on to list a few general characteristics that won't really exclude anyone; you get the sense that most girls would fit his description.

She should have a sense of humour and not take herself too seriously.

Occupation and interests I'm a franchisee in the restaurant business and I spend a lot of time working.

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