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Often sex seems more routine as the initial 'rush' of sexual excitement and 'getting bonded' brain chemistry subsides and 'partner novelty' diminishes.Many people begin to feel that the 'spark' has left their relationship; that they aren't 'in love' any longer.Most marriages are not adequately equipped to cope well with this new family reality.It's very difficult to keep sufficient focus on the marriage relationship with the attention that kids demands, but it is essential to do so.

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The following 5 Essential early relationship tips will help guide and nourish your relationship in the early stages with your new partner.Kids transform the focus of a family and can dramatically increase the stress level.There is simply so much more work, distraction, time pressure and potential conflict inherent in childrearing.Unfortunately, many couples don't understand the need for this until negativity begins to be more of a factor.- Couples work to renew their relationship on a down-to-earth basis by learning about their needs and managing their differences and areas of conflict.

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