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The development team behind a new dating app are embarking on new territory – singles living with HIV.

HOPE was created to bring HIV people back into the mainstream dating world.

There is also a ‘Moments’ section in which users can post social updates and whatever content or stories they wish to share with the rest of the HOPE community.

With today’s technology and medical advances, the stigma around HIV should be nonexistent. Many positive individuals are afraid of finding dates through most of the mainstream dating apps because they don’t want to deal with the inevitable moment in which they will have to tell the other person about their status.

You don't even have to wonder about whether advide not he'll be coming over sometime soon because example of a male dating profile know he will. How to Tell a Datint Woman You Want to Be Exclusive.

Just as men have a litany of problems with the women they get into relationships with, women can rattle off endlessly about what frustrates them when it comes to the less-fair sex. It is important that both people in the relationship have the same definition of exclusive.

Signing up is easy, you just enter your email and which gender you’re seeking.

Because of the stigma surrounding HIV, the person could find themselves at risk for verbal, emotional or even physical abuse.

Even with the current sites out there that are open to catering to HIV individuals, there is no real information beyond that point.

Until now, HIV singles have either steered clear of dating apps (or dating entirely), or kept their status a secret from their partners. If an individual with HIV is not upfront about their status, they are not only breaking the law by not disclosing the information, but they are also putting others in danger of contracting the virus.

If a positive person decided to be open about their status, they would run into all other sorts of danger.

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