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Reply Good evening I was at your store in Springfield Pa this evening for dinner food was cold I asked for a manager a lady name Patricia came over to my table she smelled like she has been drinking on the job very rude she act like she didn’t want to come over to my table she had an attitude she was talking to the servers and kitchen crew like they owe her something Reply Good afternoon I was in your restaurant in Springfield Pa a few days ago a lady name Patty was the manager she is very disrespectful and rude she doesn’t know how to talk to your employees kitchen and servers.Reply Sioux Falls location/ Manager Travis Totally, blew us off! Get a brain Travis and take care of your costumers complaints!!! Reply I came to the restaurant at Cascades Station, Portland, Oregon today at p.m. At the end of the dinner, the individual paying the bill made a comment to the server of how he did not enjoy his meal because it was too cold where he was sitting.

I showed him my receipt and he sat there infront of other customers arguing with me and accusing me.PLEASE check into this location something is not right.thank you!Reply Well let me start with I will never step foot in Famous Dave’s Oxnard CA again. Well I am not sure what happen but the second coupon wouldn’t go thru.The restaurant has received more than 700 awards over the years for their secret barbeque sauce, including the 2012 People’s Choice Best Wings Award, the 2014 People’s Choice Best Barbeque, and the 2014 People’s Choice Best Catering Award.Tagged as: Famous Dave’s address, Famous Dave’s complaint desk, Famous Dave’s complaints, Famous Dave’s corporate address, Famous Dave’s corporate office headquarters, Famous Dave’s customer complaints, Famous Dave’s headquarters, Famous Dave’s home office, Famous Dave’s main office, Famous Dave’s office address, Famous Dave’s office email, Famous Dave’s office fax, Famous Dave’s office phone, Famous Dave’s office phone number What has happened to Famous Dave’s? We had decided to pickup lunch to go and spend our anniversary at home watching movies.

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