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Almost all Jordanian’s have cellular phones and improved housing and water. Jordan is not a rich country but it certainly is not the poorest.This traditional Arab country is still a male dominated society and Islamic laws do apply.Men are "by nature not equal because God created them different in nature, talent, and ability," as they are "created and fashioned for different tasks," the man is expected to protect and provide for his family while the women is expected support her husband, raise children and take care of the house.

They are expected to perform all household duties and work if their husbands allow for it.This lack of legislation explicitly protecting women exposes them to harassment both at home and in the workplace.Jordan is a member of many international organizations that guarantee basic human rights to women.Notwithstanding the 1974 law giving women the right to campaign and serve in office, few Jordanian women today are motivated to or feel comfortable running for political office, while even fewer are elected and ultimately serve.Current King of Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah II, passed legislation requiring a quota for the number of women in parliament.

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