Dating he sends you a gift

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Hi i m asma , I HAVE PROBLEM with my boyfriend his ex is alwayz into him . I'm not sure that he played you, because his actions seem rather gentlemanly, especially since he asked (so sweet!

And he told me that he had feelings for her but they will vanish by time what should i do ??

Okay this is a bit of a long complicated story but I will summarize as much as I can.

In 2004, I had had a fling with this guy that I had met while I was in the military on a temporary assignment.

To help you make it through, we've outlined some tips to keep you sane (and out of relationship trouble):1.Most women are not afflicted with this problem, but it is a real one, especially for the younger set. Oh, should you follow up with an email if you’ve been ignored? It wouldn’t cost much to try, but I don’t think the results will be that great.Men are looks-driven and I don’t know many who ignore someone who piques their interest. Guys generally don’t ignore emails from women to whom they’re attracted.For men, it’s probably worth it to take a second shot a month down the road. If he’s not responding the first time, it’s either because he’s not a paying member and can’t read the email, he’s got too many emails in his inbox and will wait till other prospects dry out to get to yours, or he simply isn’t interested.But then again, there are enough quality women that I don’t see why you’d write to the same uninterested ones twice. I’d maybe try an IM, if you really want to give it a second shot.

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