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Normally users will only see URLs without userinfo data, so from a UI perspective it was really bad design to have a "special case" (that would be rarely used and thus rarely seen by users) "disturb" the expectation of the user (in general, that is a recipe for problems).

Worse is that the userinfo data field has, by its nature, to allow for completely arbitrary data (in terms of length and character set).

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I would hazard that, because of the general agreement that specifying userinfo data in URLs is a really bad thing, historically "most" URLs that the have had a userinfo part have had such for nefarious uses.

This was decided despite it generally being agreed -- as the URL RFC authors note _in the RFC_ -- to be a bad thing from a security perspective...

Second, and perhaps the largest part of the problem was that the specification for doing this was designed by people with _ABSOLUTELY ZERO_ clue about user interfaces, as is shown by their decision to put userinfo data in front of the target domain.

From Clam AV Update list: Submission: 5025-web, 5026-web, 5027-web, 5028-web, 5029-web, 5030-web, 5043-web, 5044-web, 5045-web, 5046-web, 5047-web, 5048-web Sender: James Stevens, Bill Landry, Henning Spjelkavik, Melanie Dussiaume, Roman Scheucher, Gunter Mintzel, Mike Watterson, Martin, Rob Kudyba, wojciech myszka, Philip Corliss, Kevin Way Virus: unknown, JS/Ill Will (Mc Afee), JS.

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