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They are girls as fierce and fiercely loyal as the generations of women who went before them here.

With reporter Krista Ramsey and photographer Liz Dufour, you will walk with them through the world of Lower Price Hill, one that has changed dramatically over a generation.

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You’re in the club with all the boys and you’ve had enough double vodkas to put you on your high horse of cockiness.

You swag on over to a girl preparing your cheesy chat up line and bum grab technique, which swiftly leads to being told to fuck off. The best way to open up a conversation is a compliment. The long and short of it is don’t grab us as we walk past in some sort of university gypsy grabbing ritual, or squeeze our bums.

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Introduction by News Director Laura Trujillo: They will take you into a part of the city you likely never go.

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Seen as the transition from being a girl to being a woman, early motherhood was not just something many families supported, it was something they celebrated."Everyone acts the same so it just feels welcoming. Gangs."Neighborhood teens said the same thing when they were taken to West Virginia for a whitewater rafting trip, their youth leaders say.But other people who come down here think it's dirty for sure, and that there's drama, shootings. Backed up against the steep incline that separates it from East Price Hill, Lower Price Hill has the geography and isolated, protective feel of an Appalachian holler.As late as 2005, when community members petitioned the Cincinnati School Board to add grades nine through 12 to Oyler School, more than 84 percent of Oyler eighth graders dropped out by 10th grade.To this day, nearly 40 percent of adults in the community don't have a high school diploma.

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