Book speed dating library

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And through their bulk book program, you can get a bulk order of one title for FREE! Right now you can get a carton of 24 copies or The Maze Runner for .40!

So, now that you've got all sorts of books and genres in your classroom library, what else are you going to need to set-up your Speed Dating Books activity?

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) tongue-in-cheek script with the directions for this activity set to the INSTRUMENTAL version of Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye, set the Love Time Bomb for 1 or 2 min and Booya!

Decorations, tablecloths, candles, writing activities, dating profiles on Good Reads, Shelfari, Libary Thing, or Shelfari -- so being naturally enthusiasticaly indolent, I wanted to find a quick & dirty way to get kids looking at books, checking out books, and moving around the library. That's right, be deeply shallow and choose books that have the most attractive covers, are hot popular, and just plain fun.

why not make up a table of graphic novels & popular non fiction selections for our informational readers?

The students should have completed the Interests and Reading Survey prior to Speed Book Dating.

The librarian takes the survey results and compiles a selection of compatible books for the activity.

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