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Those "Drink this one hour before the test" drinks dont fuggin work, i know many people who failed using them. I put her piss in a small, travel size, shampoo bottle, then put that into a thermos with hot water around 107 degrees. lol alright, so I copped some home drug tests, I'm going to try the system cleanse and then I contacted my boy who doesn't burn to save me some of his piss.

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Drink a shit ton of water from now until then and when you piss, get mid-stream piss. If you took a few pulls the other day and that was it, you MIGHT be ok.Vinegar, take some white vinegar the night before, dilute it, and chug that sucker back, its gonna burn like hell but it helps as well.Some of those chick detox drinks help too for flushing out your system. None of this waiting and hoping that whatever drink you drank is gonna do it. lol WHIZZINATOR 4 LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I had to use my 2 yr old daughters piss to pass the test recently....Best bet is to get a friend who dont smoke to piss in a bottle.I got into some dumb shit out in jersey a few years ago, had to go for 6 months of court ordered drug tests. The judge said i see the levels going down but you are still over the limit for the tests LOL.

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