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Published: Mon, GMT Maine lobster boosters face a startling foe: The industry itself Maine's lobster marketing group is facing existential opposition from an unlikely source: the lobster industry.

With lobster prices down, both at the dock and the dealer's office, some who make their living off the state's signature crustacean are ...

Published: Tue, GMT Fishermen find giant lobster claw off the coast of Wales belonging to a "3ft-long, one STONE monster of the deep that could snap a man's wrist' A FISHERMAN was left stunned after finding this monster lobster claw which is THREE times bigger than average.

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Published: Wed, GMT Massive Lobster Claw Found off Coast of Wales Hints at Giant Crustacean Living in Water Last week, a marine biologist found a giant 8-inch lobster claw off the shore of Wales, and judging from its size, the owner is believed to be between 2 and 3 feet long-about three times the size of an average lobster. Published: Tue, GMT Trump's Trade Policy Is Lifting Exports. CENTREVILLE, Nova Scotia - This lobster factory on a windswept bay in eastern Canada is so remote that its workers have to drive for miles just to get cellphone service.

But Gidney Fisheries is truly global, with its lobsters landing on plates in Paris ...

Wonderful, fresh, and delicious lobster can be a challenge to find - especially for people who live in land-locked locations.

And for most of us, the days of finding live lobster at the grocery store are a thing of the past.

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