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I could also set up the app to send me data about everything else he’s doing on his phone, but that’s not something I personally need—or want—to do.

I had to have my son’s phone in hand to install Android Phone Control.

Once activated, however, there’s no icon in the application launcher.

The app shows up with the name “Android System” in the applications manager so it doesn’t look suspicious.

There are various ways to do this depending on what phone you’re using and which operating system it’s running.is there a program for iphones and ipads to give them a 0 im infected or a 0 all good? iv never seen or heard if such a program i could run on my pcor device to test or all these new modern warfare technology…....chees Damo: D I recently discovered I may have been a victim if illegal invasion of privacy by an ex friend who did have access to my phone when I visited their house last year.But, how do I go about prosecuting, and proving they did it?Apple's “Find My i Phone” is one good one and many security apps, such as AVG Mobilation, can track down a phone in seconds. Is there any chance your boss or spouse could be spying on everything you do on your phone? Spy apps are plentiful and can imperceptibly track text and e-mail messages, location, Web sites you visit, who you call and what photos and videos you shoot.The problem is these apps are difficult to detect and run invisibly in the background.

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